MET Constructor

class METConstructor : public xAH::Algorithm

Public Functions

virtual EL::StatusCode setupJob(EL::Job &job)
virtual EL::StatusCode fileExecute()
virtual EL::StatusCode histInitialize()
virtual EL::StatusCode changeInput(bool firstFile)
virtual EL::StatusCode initialize()
virtual EL::StatusCode execute()
virtual EL::StatusCode postExecute()
virtual EL::StatusCode finalize()
virtual EL::StatusCode histFinalize()

Public Members

std::string m_mapName = "METAssoc_AntiKt4LCTopo"
std::string m_coreName = "MET_Core_AntiKt4LCTopo"
std::string m_outputContainer = "NewRefFinal"
std::string m_systConfigPrefix = "METUtilities/R22_PreRecs"
std::string m_systConfigSoftTrkFile = "TrackSoftTerms-pflow.config"
std::string m_inputJets = ""
std::string m_inputElectrons = ""
std::string m_inputPhotons = ""
std::string m_inputTaus = ""
std::string m_inputMuons = ""
bool m_doElectronCuts = false
bool m_doPhotonCuts = false
bool m_doTauCuts = false
bool m_doMuonCuts = false
bool m_doMuonEloss = false
bool m_doIsolMuonEloss = false
bool m_doJVTCut = false
bool m_dofJVTCut = false
std::string m_fJVTdecorName = "passFJVT"

Name of fJVT decoration.

bool m_doPFlow = true

To turn on p-flow MET calculation set m_doPFlow to true.

std::string m_METWorkingPoint = ""

Name of MET Working Point (defines the JetSelection applied in METMaker)

bool m_rebuildUsingTracksInJets = false

Rebuild MET using tracks in calo jets.

bool m_addSoftClusterTerms = false

Include soft cluster terms if rebuilding MET using jet terms (only considered if m_rebuildUsingTracksInJets is false)

bool m_calculateSignificance = false

Enable MET significance calculation.

bool m_significanceTreatPUJets = true

Introduce “resolution” for jets with low JVT, if the analysis is sensitive to pileup jets.

double m_significanceSoftTermReso = 10.0

Set soft term resolution.

bool m_runNominal = true

set to false if you want to run met systematics

std::string m_systName = "All"

do not change it, not useful

float m_systVal = 1.0
bool m_writeSystToMetadata = false

Write systematics names to metadata.

std::string m_jetSystematics = ""

Name of jet systematics vector from JetCalibrator.

std::string m_eleSystematics = ""

Name of electron systematics vector from ElectronCalibrator.

std::string m_muonSystematics = ""

Name of muon systematics vector from MuonCalibrator.

std::string m_tauSystematics = ""

Name of tau systematics vector from TauCalibrator.

std::string m_phoSystematics = ""

Name of photon systematics vector from PhotonCalibrator.

std::string m_outputAlgoSystNames = ""

Private Members

asg::AnaToolHandle<IMETMaker> m_metmaker_handle = {"met::METMaker/METMaker", this}
asg::AnaToolHandle<IMETSystematicsTool> m_metSyst_handle = {"met::METSystematicsTool/METSystematicsTool", this}
asg::AnaToolHandle<IMETSignificance> m_metSignificance_handle = {"met::METSignificance/METSignificance", this}
asg::AnaToolHandle<TauAnalysisTools::ITauSelectionTool> m_tauSelTool_handle = {"TauAnalysisTools::TauSelectionTool/TauSelectionTool", this}
std::vector<CP::SystematicSet> m_sysList
int m_numEvent