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AnalysisBase-21.2.204 AnalysisBase-21.2.203 AnalysisBase-21.2.202 AnalysisBase-21.2.201 AnalysisBase-21.2.200 AnalysisBase-21.2.199 AnalysisBase-21.2.198

The xAOD analysis framework, born out of ProofAna…or not.

Welcome to the xAODAnaHelpers wiki! This is an xAOD Analysis Framework built for Run II of ATLAS.

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If you need to add a new release to be supported, please make sure you update the GitHub Actions ci.yml workflow file first.

We support the following releases: AnalysisBase,21.2.204, AnalysisBase,21.2.203, AnalysisBase,21.2.202, AnalysisBase,21.2.201, AnalysisBase,21.2.200, AnalysisBase,21.2.199, AnalysisBase,21.2.198,

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